Album Linkin Park Keluar Sekarang!! juga Rekaman Acara Kevin n Bean’s Breakfast With Linkin Park

Untuk para fans Linkin Park bersiaplah untuk mendengar album baru mereka ” A Thousand Suns”, semua lagunya sudah bisa di cek di itunes dengan mengunjungi atau datang ke toko musik ke sayangan anda. Selamat buat Linkin Park buat album barunya!!

Rangkuman Acara Kevin & Bean’s Breakfast(dalam bahasa inggris nih, ane harap ente tidak sungkan2 untuk menggunakan Google translate atau kemampuan bahasa inggrisnye)


Well that wraps things up here! Linkin Park just finished off their Breakfast with Kevin & Bean with a stellar performance of “The Catalyst” that blew everyone away.

Before they performed their #1 song, they did a final question and answer segment with some more of our listeners and Chester showed off his Linkin Park tattoo after a Kevin & Bean fan displayed hers.

Hint: Start from the bottom and read your way up!

The band discussed their “Making Of” DVD and how it offers a great look into the process of creating their latest album, A Thousand Suns. They also spoke about the album art and how the “minimalist design” has been surprising people. Those who purchase the package are stunned by all the goodies that accompany the CD.

Chester Bennington answering questions during the Q&A

The attention then turned to the music video for “The Catalyst.” Chester talked about what it was like singing underwater and almost drowning trying to make the video the best it could be. Mr. Hahn, Linkin Park’s DJ, has directed several of their music videos (including this one) and was asked about what went into the video. His response was deep and sincere, but everyone took it as almost some kind of joke because of how out of place it sounded with the rest of the answers being given.

The last Kevin & Bean listener to get a shot at asking the band a question showed off her new Linkin Park tattoo, and Chester responded with how he had promised himself that one day when he sold a million records, he would get a tattoo of the name of his band. Lo and behold, years later he would accomplish that dream. He now has a huge old English style Linkin Park tattoo on his back.

Chester shows off his Linkin Park tattoo

The band then grabbed their instruments and began their last song of the morning, their new hit “The Catalyst,” which has been at or near the top of the KROQ Most Played list since the song was first released. A little fun fact that I wasn’t aware of is that in the beginning of “The Catalyst,” that’s Mike singing…not Chester. I’ve heard enough Linkin Park to where I thought I could distinguish the two rather easily, but apparently not.

Linkin Park performing “The Catalyst”

All in all this morning was a great time! Linkin Park did an awesome job and left all the fans more than happy. The guys stuck around and are signing autographs to the listeners who came out, including Mike signing a $100 bill!

Mike Shinoda signed a $100 bill for a fan

If you didn’t get the chance to listen to Kevin & Bean’s Breakfast with Linkin Park, you can check out all the audio in the player below. Make sure to get your copy of A Thousand Suns here if you haven’t ordered it already and check out the photo gallery underneath the audio player below.

Full audio from Kevin & Bean’s Breakfast With Linkin Park

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