New track : Stavern – Meteor(Original Mix)

Here’s My very own new Track :

Soundcloud :

And this is the Beatport Link:

I really like this song, and pretty much enjoy making it, so hope you like it guys.

Please have a listen, leave your comment, I wanna hear what you think. πŸ™‚

Play it, share it, buy it if you love it.

Thanks guys.

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My previous track with My own vocal now

Guys, ini laguku yang sebelumnya dan kali ini aku menambahkan vokal dari suara ku sendiri, dan hanya menggunakan michrophone Laptop, so, sorry jika kualitas vokalnya jelek, hehe. Aku juga menambahkan beberapa elemen dari vokal untuk mendramatisir lagunya. Makasih jika kalian berikan like dan komen thanks untuk supportnya.

Inspirasi liriknya dari kehidupan pribadi. πŸ˜›

It’s basically from My previous track here Stavern – Vitaoriginal-mix .
So I add it with My vocal, and sorry for the bad quality of the vocal.. πŸ™‚ it’s because I recorded it with just My laptop michrophone. I mix it and master it by my self.

Show me some love, give likes or comments if you like, thanks guys.. πŸ˜€

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My new Electronic Music Track called Cycle

Guys, ini lagu elektronikΒ  terbaru gw dengan judul “Cycle”. Ini adalah lagu terakhir gw sebelum memulai kesibukan baru dan pekerjaan sehingga akan break dalam waktu yang lama dan belum bsa di tentukan kembali producing lgi. Jadi ini adalah terakhir untuk sekarang dan aku sangat berterimakasih dan menghargai kalian yang memberi komen dan likenya.

Terimakasih banyak pengunjung setia… πŸ™‚

Hey guys, I’ll just gonna have a quick post and let you hear My new electronic track called “Cycle”.

Dan dibawah ini versi tanpa Vokalnya..

This is another track from me which has vocal in it. I use My laptop Built in Microphone so, I’m sorry for the bad vocal in this track.

I also mixing it by My self and I’m very new for mixing a raw vocal. It Took me a long time to tweak the vocal so it can sound a lil bit make sense, but hey this is the best I can do for now and I also keep learn for it πŸ™‚

I open for your suggestion and comment guys.

Description of this song :

This song is actually about a repetition of some event in this world like season, night and day, or people life, a luck or bad luck and something like that.

And also there always someone who never change and the one wants that person to comeback because of the good memories and longing for that person.

This track genre is Progressive trance.

Thank you for listening. cheers..

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